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Recipe for Croque Madame


FOR THE CROQUE                 Brioche sliced 1.5cm*10cm*10cm           
75g white cheddar cheese, sliced thin flour
1 medium sized egg
butter as needed

Place the cheese in between 2 pieces of the brioche and punch one 5cm diameter hole.
Remove the excess cheese and reserve for another sandwich.
Brush a griddle liberally with butter and when foamy add the sandwich.
Keep adding butter to moisten and facilitate the cooking.
When golden and crispy carefully turn sandwich over.
Crack the egg into the cut-out hole and cover with a medium size bowl.
Cook until the egg is 1/2 cooked, then carefully turn over.
Add more butter and cook until the egg is medium rare. Transfer to a plate.
Top with crispy crumbled bacon and the shirachi foam, the garnish with the minced chive

FOR THE FOAM                                        60g water       
                        100g fresh lime juice
                           50g fresh orange juice
                    2g xantham gum
                    60g sriracha
              25g salt
                   22g grapeseed oil

Whisk xanthan into juices then combine all but oil in robo coup
Process until smooth then emulsify with the grapeseed oil.
Load into a 1 liter siphon and charge with 2 CO cartridges, Keep warm during service

TO SERVE                                    chives, minced 
                           bacon cut into 2.5 cm Paysanne         
                     fried a la minute until crispy

Follow all steps as above, except add foam at last minute.

 Should you require any assistance in preparing the Croque Madame, Kindly contact our Executive Chef Mahendra Shibchurn at

Bon Apetit!